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Please help us

Please help our friends in Dominica

We’re passionate about the Caribbean. We work together, live together and help each other. And now our neighbor, the island of Dominica, is in serious trouble. Hurricane Maria – the strongest storm to hit the Windward Islands for many decades – has devastated the island, with estimates putting damage to houses at over 90%. Shops and warehouses have also been destroyed, losing almost all of their stock.

True to the spirit of the islands, when the communities in the northern Caribbean were ravaged by Hurricane Irma just a week before, Dominica didn’t hesitate to send of its emergency relief supplies to help. But this meant that, when Hurricane Maria hit Dominica, the island had no emergency stock. Not only that, many of its technicians were on other islands, working to help the relief effort there.

Our friends and family in Dominica are now in desperate need of basic supplies. Those that will safeguard and protect lives. And we’re asking for your help to provide some of these urgent items.

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See the devestation for yourself

How you can help

There are two ways in which you can make sure the wonderful people of Dominica get this urgently needed help.

Raise awareness

We’re gathering quality supplies, requested by the Dominican government. If you know decision-makers in companies that can supply any of the listed goods, then please share this appeal with them.

Donate what you can

If you can give some of these items yourself, please send us any of the following supplies, in as much volume as you can possibly spare. In order that we co-ordinate our efforts properly and effectively, please contact us first, with details of how you can help. We’ll then get back to you directly to arrange delivery of the aid to our co-ordination centre near Stansted airport.

What the Dominican people need

Food and water Communication Health
Canned food items Handheld radios Medical Supplies
Dry goods Satellite phones First aid kits
Water Mosquito repellent
Water purification tablets
Household items Construction equipment Other needs
Sleeping cots Roofing materials Tarpaulins
Matresses Hand tools Flashlights
Pillows Wheelbarrows Batteries
Linens Plywood
Towels Generators
Contact us to arrange delivery

How will the supplies reach those in need?

We’re working with our sister company – Geestline Shipping – to send a container of supplies each week to Dominica. Everything is packed into the containers at our facility near Stansted. We’ve already got two 40ft containers ready to go, but so much more is needed.

Please give any help that you can.

Hurricane Maria Relief Fund Logo

Please help us to help this island community to recover from this natural disaster.

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Let us know what you can provide the people of Dominica

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